War Poem

Poem About Friend Dying In War

When best friends are split apart, they will not be complete again until they are reunited.

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One Goes, The Other Stays


Published: November 2007

Off to war, two friends go
Maybe to better themselves
But we will never know
Many wars they fight
They see many men go down
But the friends' hearts are still bright
Yet that brightness goes out
During one single battle
Full of doubt
A friend falls in pain
The other rushes to his side
The one at the side,
cries out in vain
As the others eyes fade
The one in pain
goes to the land of peace
His eyes once jade
The one not gone
Picks up his dear friend
And walks till dawn
And at dawn He buries his friend
The one that is gone
And from this weighs A great burden
For one goes, the other stays


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