Fighting Friend Poem

Poem About Being Vulnerable

Sometimes a relationship may seem like a war with each side trying to protect its vulnerabilities and score hits on the other side.

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Me and my best friend have had a fight and this poem touched my heart. I felt like crying.

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Published: July 2007

I failed to protect myself.
In few words he shows me my mistakes and
Openly demonstrates how he broke my walls.
He proudly displays the weaknesses
In the foundations I took a lifetime to build.
He proves to me that I am not that strong
That I am probably wrong
In thinking that I cannot easily be damaged,
That in a way I can effortlessly be managed.
Confused and bewildered, looking for my marks
Upset and lost I try to mislead him.
I unproductively attempt to keep what is left of me
Hide and protect what he hasn't seen
Shut the doors to the soul he had a glimpse at.
He left my body, mind and soul weak
Like a fatal hit he left my spirit sick
And there is nothing I can do to revert it.
He lays down my whole being flat as if
I was a book to read, a map to interpret.
He predicts the moves I have not planned
And the thoughts I have yet to detail.
He has power over me and I can only blame myself.
Is there any use in hiding, or purpose in fighting?
Is there reason for fronting, justification for overturning?
Tonight he introduced me to myself, and left me with I
He showed me that he has established control over me
And that in a blink of an eye
He encountered Anna.



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  • Jason Foster by Jason Foster
  • 11 years ago

Me and my best friend have had a fight and this poem touched my heart. I felt like crying.

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