Parent Poem

Poem About What A Parent Should Be

I'm seventeen years old, and this is what I feel a parent should be. My parents have not been there for me, but this poem is what I will aspire to be as a parent when I have my own children. I hope you enjoy my poem!!!

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Published: July 2011

Parents wipe away tears
They ease their child's fears
They have unconditional love
Their babies their blessing sent from above
Parents help their child grow in many ways
Through important acts like encouragement and praise
They enable their baby to be their very best
They can tell when their child's sick and need to rest
Parents teach their child to know what's right and what's wrong
They punish for good reasons, but not for too long
Over the years their baby becomes older and stronger
The child eventually feels they need their parents no longer
A parent knows they still need to be there
Parents will forever and always show they care



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