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Poem For Boyfriend Whose Brother Died

I was dating this guy named Jake. Things seemed so perfect, Jake got the news that his brother past away and all I could do was be there for him. Me and Jake didn't work out but I will always be there for him..

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I'm Sorry


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2012

How can you say that you cared?
From the very start you were the only thing I feared.
Feeling so confident thinking it would all be okay,
from that very moment is when it all drifted away.
Trying to be strong and continue to hold on,
What did I do what went so wrong?
I was there for you through it all,
Holding you crying you just let me fall.

With your goods and your bads I was here to stay,
It wasn't what touch wanted so you slowly pushed me away.
Now I'm just still while everything moves so fast,
I need to think about my future and put this in my past.

My dear Jake you was one of a kind,
I can't even face you so I linger behind.
You showed me how it feels to be treated right,
but you took off and left with out a fight.
I dated so much about you but its time to let go,
There Is one thing I'd like to say one thing for you to know.

No matter what big or small,
I will be here for you through it all.
I see the pain behind your eyes,
Don't forget it's ok to cry.

I know it's hard to loose the only brother you had,
But Jake you can't sit here and look at just the bad.
There's nothing like a brothers love,
so keep your head up and always look above.
Always here to stay
never looking away.

Others don't understand your pain,
They don't know how it feels to be left in the rain.
I know you wish you could understand,
or even just to hold your brothers hand.

I wish you could have gotten one last chance,
To take one last glance.
At his face filled with love,
Before he flew away like a dove.

Rest in peace to your brother,
Who will no longer suffer.
Wait for him in your dreams,
so y'all can relive all of them beautiful memories.

I love you Jake.


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