Fighting Friend Poem

Poem for When Your Friends Fight

Hi I'm Mariam.
So far in my life, all my friends do is fight,
and I have to pick sides, which I never do.
I don't get why they fight.
Can't everything go back to how it used to be?
I write poems every day about lost friendships.
I hope you like it.

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Broken Friend Ship


Published: July 2012

Why do my best friends fight?
When really at the end they unite
All that time wasted
On stupid hatred
Why did she really have to scream
So that the one she hates had to put down her dreams
Why did people have to pick sides?
When both of you knew that they didn't want to decide
Both of you had to make everyone feel bad
For not choosing your side and getting mad
Why do you have to say bad words
For all you know your friendship is going downwards
When I ask "what happened?"
Both of you make everything darkened
Why don't you just forgive?
Why don't you just give?
Tell me why you don't want the other to live
Don't you remember when you were in pain
Like you felt you were falling from the sky like rain
No one could explain
Why you acted insane
Except for the one
That tried to be a son
The one who you hate now
I have had enough
Both of you fighting rough
Just shut up for once
And discover the brilliance
You once had
You just fight
You don't even realize it's already night
You never forgiven each other
None of you said that this is a burner
You're old now, very old
Your life will be sadly sold
You think now how wrong that fight was
No one is there to give you applause
It's too late
To have your best school-mate
You die lonely
You lived guilty
Guilty of ruining someone's life
You get the knife
Suddenly everyone is gone!


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