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Poem To Grieving Sisters

My youngest daughter Kellie, died in a car accident on January 20, 2009 at the age of 38. As Christmas that year approached, her two sisters were struggling with the loss of their youngest sister. I'd been having great difficulty sleeping and would wake with bits and pieces of this poem in my head. I finally sat down and wrote it out Finally I felt at peace. I believe this was sent home to two grieving sisters from the one who journeyed on. I've titled it 'Merry Christmas to my sisters'.

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Merry Christmas To My Sisters


Published: March 2012

I am with you every day though you cannot see. I wonder do you notice me?
I am...
The warmth of the sun upon your face,
The gentle breeze that ruffles your hair,
The soft flit of a dragonfly's wings,
The gentle beauty of a butterfly in flight,
The softness of flower petals kissed by morning dew,
The song of the birds in the trees,
The lazy flight of a bumblebee,
The soft mist of an April shower,
The beauty of a rainbow at the end of a storm,
The soothing sound of water in a brook,
The glitter of moonlight on new fallen snow,
The beauty of the sunrise on the mountains,
The warmth you feel as you watch puppies play,
The love of your children to make you day,
A am the soft kiss of a gentle breeze upon your cheek.
I send you these things so that I can be...
With you every day - though you cannot see.

~ Believe ~
~ Kellie ~


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