Addiction Poem about Family

A child talks about his father's journey from a life of addiction and pain and finally back to God.

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Proud Of Dad


Published: February 2006

I'm so happy,
I'm so overwhelmed.
He did it,
He sure did.

He stopped drinking,
He stopped bar hopping.
He seems so happy,
Smiling all the time.

I cry,
But not 'cause I'm sad.
Not 'cause I'm mad,
'Cause I'm proud.

I'm not ashamed,
I'm not confused.
I know this is right,
I know this is what he needs.

He found the Lord again,
What more can I ask.
He has a mission group,
They all seem so nice.

He preached in front of my church,
He made me so proud.
He made me smile,
He made my heart jump beats.

He found happiness,
Something he hasn't had since my mom.
Something only the Lord can give,
Without him he had nothing!

Besides me,
Jon, Jason, Jet,
He had us all along.

We were his angels,
We were there to help him get up.
To help him see the way,
To see what he never could actually see.

We never realized how much he was hurting,
He tried to hide it.
But we always seemed to find it,
He didn't know we could see his pain.

But all along,
I knew.
I saw his face when everyone he had left him in the dust,
Broke his heart many of times.

But never did I say anything.
He tried to hide,
So I let him,
I let his heart ache.

Times I told him not to go back,
That I didn't want her here.
But he thought it was right,
So I let it be.

I let her hurt him,
Over and over.
Again and again,
Never stopped it.

Now I know,
He is happy.
I don't have to see him suffer,
To see him in pain.

Now I'm not ashamed,
I'm not confused.
This man is not just some man,
He is my father.

The one that has helped me up when I was low,
The one that wiped away my tears when I was sad.
That would do anything to make me happy,
Well thanks, Daddy! 'Cause now I am happy!


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