Mother Poem

Proud Of Your Mommy

A letter from Mom to son telling him how much she enjoyed raising him.

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Published: February 2006

The day I found out,
I couldn't believe that God would trust me with a baby.
At first, I'll admit I was scared and confused,
How would I do this and what methods should I use.
To imagine your life was forming inside.
Your health and happiness was always on my mind.
Now came the thoughts and visions of you.
Who would you look like, would your eyes be blue.
My belly grew bigger as months went by.
I could feel you move, it felt like butterflies.
Then came the kicks and the moving around.
Never would I imagine you would be eleven pounds.
From the very first glance right then there I knew,
Forever and always I would love you.
As you lay in my arms you smile so sweet,
Tears of  joy stream down my cheek.
Now, little one, your life has begun.
How proud I am to call you my son.
Now time flies by as the more you grew.
Before we knew it you were turning two.
You favor your dad and have his blue eyes.
You get your curly red hair from my side.
Pretty soon the little footsteps will be gone.
Just please listen to me,
And I promise to never guide you wrong.
Sometimes I know my patience gets thin.
But I can't help but laugh over your ornery grin.
It's hard to describe, but when your older you'll know.
How different you feel when you have one of your own.
Take it from me, I know I make mistakes.
But 100% of love and understanding is what it takes.
20 years from now when you look back and read.
Brayton, I hope you were proud of your mommy.



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