The Idiosyncracies Of People

Just a light-hearted look at the human condition. These little quirks and eccentricities are what make us interesting and distinguish us from one another. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone were perfect!

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Published: September 2018

There once was a lady named Rose
Who couldn't stand weight on her toes.
She cut holes in her sheet
And stuck through her feet
But slept poorly because her toes froze.

There was also a man named Steven
Who had to have everything even.
All his friends came in twos--
Muslims, Catholics and Jews--
But one God he just couldn't believe in.

Another man was named Dean.
He wouldn't eat anything green.
His doctor then said
"You've mixed up green and red
And been feasting on peas and green beans."

Perfection is an ideal
Which to me simply doesn't appeal.
We all have our quirks
But hey, whatever works.
They make us more interesting I feel.


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