Rape Poem

Poem About Trying To Say No

All girls should learn how to say no right away
so that way things like this don't happen to them too

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Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

I lay there looking at the ceiling hoping something would stop you
Willing the words to come out from the back of my throat
It seemed so easy to say no before
So simple
But that day in your room it changed everything
I laid there as you kept going and you kept asking if it was okay
I guess you took the look of horror and fear on my face as a yes
You kept going further further
Unbuttoning my pants
Sliding down my underwear
Removing the condom from you drawer
And finally right before you started to pound out my soul
I got out that one little word, no
But that wasn't enough you played it off like it hadn't been said
I lay there as you took what little self-esteem I had left
Looking at the clock, begging the minuets to go faster
So it would all be done and I could home
Finally after 30 minutes you were finally finished
A grin flashed across your face and you told me how great you felt
You pulled out, I lay dazed and confused, unsure what was next
You told me "Next time you owe me,
This was all about you."

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