Rape Poem by Teens

Rape Victim Kills Herself

Just a poem I wrote about one of my friends who was raped and then killed herself.

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Oh my! You have expressed it in such a way that I could actually smell the smoke of a burning cigarette and hear the scream. It's really painful.

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A Price Paid


Published: December 2012

closed are my sunken eyes
tears gracefully crawl down my face
I take another straight shot of whiskey
as my head starts to race

the cigarette is still burning
and the sweet smoke tickles my nose
My body is going numb
I can no longer feel my toes

I can see my black mascara tears
as they fall onto my breast
there are scratches and dried blood
pretty purpled bruises decorate my chest

my red lipstick smeared
and hair full of knots
I shove more pills in my mouth
chasing it with three more shots

my body is beyond broken
my mind completely lost
a lesson with a price
myself an expensive cost

he was too strong and heavy
I couldn't get him off top
with his hand over my mouth
I kept screaming stop

his cold eyes just watched me
as I fought hard and cried
he crushed my soul over and over
as he thrusted deeper inside

the world slowly went dark
from the fighting and pain
I woke up bloody and dirty
from the sound of the rain

now the bottle is empty
and the room in spins
I put the razor to my wrist
and rip it across my skin

the blood paints the floor
everything is slowing down
the darkness is back again
and its now all around

The cigarette still burns
as the smoke does an exotic dance
it moves so slow and graceful
putting me in a trance

there's an empty whiskey bottle
a cigarette burning and a note
the blood is coloring the white paper red
where "I'm Sorry," is faintly wrote

I weakly smile as I stare
at the broken body I just escaped
indeed an expensive cost
for the price of rape.

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  • Sreelal K. Sreedharan by Sreelal K. Sreedharan
  • 1 year ago

Oh my! You have expressed it in such a way that I could actually smell the smoke of a burning cigarette and hear the scream. It's really painful.

  • Marie by Marie
  • 1 year ago

There you are. I thought I got rid of you, molester. You used and manipulated me as a joke or some kind of teaser. The evidence you gave was only internally bruises and scars, but you don't care. I attracted the same man I tried to escape in the past just for him to molest other girls. The demon is torturing.

  • Plymouth by Plymouth
  • 6 years ago

My story started 40 years ago, it started off a cycle of events that would shape into who I think I am today.
Pain and fear and darkness fill my life.
8 years old, you were my mother's friends child, how could you take my innocents away, you led me to that place a field behind the school,
You ripped my underwear off, and laughed at my young body while your friend was growling some girl, who was laughing, a few years older than me but still I didn't understand!!! You hurt me so bad that terrible day, you tore me and the pain was excruciating, your fist was to big for my small frame, you seemed happy, but didn't you see the pain I was in????

Time stood still as I ran away home with the threat of trouble if I said anything, it would of caused more trouble in a fragile broken home.
Keep quiet shut up and put up!!

40 years of abusive relationships and more serious sexual abuse is what I had to endure, because of you!!!
Where are you now, are you happy, do you have children, I couldn't!! You made sure of that a long with the others!!!

Now I'm to get help, how do you relive and become a survivor not a victim.
I will over come, because you made me strong.

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