Mom Poem by Teens

Poem Thanking Mom For Love Through The Bad Times

A girl promises her mother that she has reformed and she invites her mother to see a brand new daughter.

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My Mother


Published: February 2006

You have opened up my eyes,
in a whole different view.
You think your punishments don't work,
but let me tell you,
I do try my hardest,
although you may not see,
you've touched upon the wonders
that we all are beginning to believe,
You helped me understand,
which way to go,
the partying and the drinking
have all stopped,
I just want to let you know.
The times that we share,
I cherish every moment.
It's hard to believe that only 16 years ago,
you held me in your arms of joy.
I know you want the best for me,
and I don't want to disappoint you,
I'll never give up,
I'll succeed for only the best.
You will be with me for all eternity,
I know you see the world different than me,
But let me tell you,
I'm lucky to have a mommy that can teach me.


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