Abuse Poem

Poem About Feeling Love Towards Abusive Father

Remembering what my father did. Unable to move forward because of abuse by father.

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My Father


Published: March 2008

He flipped the Sunday pancakes
And let me lick the spoon

He bought home store doughnuts
And new sneakers with balloons

After baths, wrapped in a towel,
He took me high above his head

And my belly hurt from laughing
As I flew, trained and sped

In the fall, when leaves fell thick
He raked them to the sky

And I would leap into the pile
Arms wide, eyes sparkling and hair awry

Late one night into my room
He came to say goodnight

And lied when he promised
That everything would be alright

When I think of my father
I do not remember the rage

Or how my loving mother
was slowly pushed away

I do not think back to the abuse,
or the dark basement stairs

Nor my solo games of catch,
or my mother's silent tears

I skip over his growing absence,
prestigious work and new cars

I've erased the years of coldness
and from where I got  the scars

When I think of my father
I remember only happy times

And it makes all the more difficult
To understand my anger at what he's done

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