Tribute to Dudley Moore (April 19, 1935 - March 27, 2002)

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Rest in Peace Dudley Moore

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Published: May 2014

The actor we called Dudley Moore
Was a guy we all came to adore
With his charm and his cuteness
And comic astuteness
He left all his fans wanting more

In East London wee Dudley arrived
Where warm beer and bad food are contrived
With club feet he was born
Which brought meanness and scorn
So for over-achievement he strived

At music young Dudley excelled
And in lofty esteem he was held
When he played for a crowd
Both his parents were proud
As his talent and confidence swelled

But music was not his first choice
As a way to make people rejoice
So he went for auditions
For acting positions
And soon could afford a Rolls Royce

With Bo Derek, in "10", he was randy
In Arthur he guzzled much brandy
Arthur 2 was so-so
But made plenty of dough
Like the movies of Jessica Tandy

Dudley Moore passed away on this date
And he left a substantial estate
We enjoyed his great wit
He was one funny Brit
With a nice head of hair on his pate


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