Goodbye Friend Poem

Poem About Being Scared Of Losing Friends

One moment I had no worries in the world and then the next...

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Ripped Apart

© more by Amber

Published: February 2008

The dark night had crept over the sky
and had taken it over with billions of twinkling stars
as the moon crawled up the sky.
The air was a crisp, cool feeling that would attack your arm
as it hung out the window.
Laughter and music
had filled the car up with no worries to even think about anymore.
Then the storm hit out of nowhere....
As I ran down the empty, cold street
the air stabbed my face that already was covered
with thousands of tears running down my face.
The cruel night air was filled with screams and cries as frightened,
hopeless friends were scared of losing each other forever.



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