Break Up Poem

Poem About Love That Cannot Be

A experience of "first " love and the pain of the break up yet realistically like a rose even though I cherished its beauty, I felt its thorns basically. Felt the pain of the inner hardships and like a rose I realized everything has its time and end it was that time for the love to die and I felt the pain cut inside. Yet, like a rose even though it has its ends and pains I move on just like a rose would.

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Rose Ecstasy


Published: September 2013

Deep in forests light, after the mid rain night, out of spite of this hell spent fight, I see

   A shade of red as sharp as a blade as deep as blood filling my eyes with an immortal
   flood, the pain falls like rain, the memories of the petals hurts as hot as sharp metal.

   the memory of her love clouds my vision like a free dove, flowing in the wind of life's

   descent in time it will fade, just like her blade that cut the heart, as the rose looks on

   So shall I, its velvet red as comforting as a bed, the thorns I grasp to flood my essence
   like ecstasy, love was mine, although love was time the rose mine, its luminous gaze put

  me to a bend, just like a rose I knew its end.


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