Fighting Friend Poem

Sad Poems About Friendship

My friend has a problem with making friends, so I decided to write this poem.

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Why Do They Hate


Published: March 2010

This is me,
I won't change.
Love me or hate me,
Doesn't matter, I'm to blame.

When I pass by,
And see them to the side,
I don't know what to say
Because I am what they hate

Laughs and comments
Are what I hear,
And I just want to disappear

But what can I do
That's who I am
And nothing could change me

Plus what have I done
To make them feel that way about me?
Can we just be friends
And not hate?

Sometimes it's jealousy
But what are they jealous of?
I'm not so pretty and not ugly
Is it my voice?
Is it my attitude?

I can't change that
So what do they want?
Or what can they have?

I can't leave
And just believe
Believe not in myself

I just wish it could stop
'Cause it's not
It's not fun

Does not make me happy
It makes my hairs go nappy
I just get so mad
And sad

Just hope one day it stops


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