Teen Life Lesson Poem

I had to write a poem for my school about the year ending and I found it so hard to do.. so I just wrote with my heart and I hope it reaches out to people b'cos it means a lot to me

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Scars From School


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

I remember back in the days
When I got scars in primary school
Over the years they healed and faded
But they helped me a lot
So now you and I are over
A separation process has begun
And more scars will be formed
When in retrospect you and I, us, we never existed.

We've reached The Cross Roads of Life
Now's our chance, we have to choose
And we can continue going straight
Continue running through life
Making a mess of everything good in our lives
And not even having the guts to admit it.
Falling down and not getting back up
Letting anything spread through our bodies
Until we are completely unrecognizable.

Or we can change direction
Go left or right
And instead of running through life we walk
We meet people, kill time, and fall down
But we get up and we dust ourselves off
And tend to the scars and bruises
Because they show is right from wrong
Our scars change our lives.

Those Scars are your friends
But not them ones that you see in the corridor
Who you pass with a polite smile
That is what you dust off when you get up
They won't leave a single impression on your life

Scars are the friends that may fade
But still made an impact on your life
They help, guide, and protect you
They are the best things that have happened to you life
They are what make, your day
And we can only thank God for them
Because he gave us those scars
So that they could change us and we could change them.


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