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There is a predator lurking in this home and too afraid to seek out help. But in the end help is found.

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My Home Is Not Safe


Published: December 2007

It's 2:00 PM time to go home,
He's waiting for me at home,
I don't want to go home,
I walk through the drive way to the side door,
I get this cool feeling,
I want to turn back, but no where to turn,
He sees me through the window,
He is waiting for me in the kitchen,
He starts chatting to me to make me feel comfortable,
I feel out of place, uncomfortable,
I decide to go to my room where I hope it is safe,
He stops me in the hall way,
I get scared,
He grabs my hand and pushes me to the wall,
I wish it is a nightmare I'm having, it's not,
He grabs my ass, talking sexual to me,
I can't get away, I try to push him off
I can't,
He finally lets me go, I run to my room and shut the door,
He follows me,
He walks out of my room, satisfied,
I on the bed bleeding and in pain,
I feel dirty and ashamed,
I was used as a toy,
He is 65 I'm only 12
What am I'm suppose to do, he's my stepfather,
Do I tell?, too scared,
I'm scared shit of my mind,
I feel that it is my fault,
I tried to stop him, he wouldn't listen,
After 4 years I finally told a friend,
The first step,
That day, she got me to talk to police,
I was taken out of his home,
I am safe now,
Please don't be scared to tell someone
It will save you

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