Abuse Poem by Teens

So, this hasn't happened to me and I hope it doesn't. I like writing about these kinds of things, though it's more difficult because I don't know exactly how they feel if it does happen to them. I hope you liked the poem. I'm only thirteen, and I truly love writing.

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Shades Of Grey

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Published: June 2012

I only see,
Ugly shades of grey.
From when I was with him,
And he made me stay.

I was the prisoner,
He was the warden.
He told me,
I was a horrible burden.

Ugly shades of grey,
Filled my life.
His words cut through me,
Painfully, like a dull, rusted knife.

His fists were hard,
His words were cruel.
I was just his tool.

With him and this world,
I fought.
His love I no longer sought.

I won my battle,
Broke free from the grey.
And I told him,
I'd no longer stay.

Now that I'm with you,
There is no longer any pain or worry.
I will never again,
Feel so sorry.

And now, because of you,
My world has a wonderful light.
It is no longer grey,
But very, very bright.

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