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Dedicated to Mr. Shawn Watson who passed away 3/15/2007, because of a staff infection in his was very sudden and we miss him a friend Megan is very sad about the loss of her dad and now with the holidays coming up, her and her younger brothers are having a very rough time.

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Shawn Watson; A Loved Father, Husband, Son & Friend


Published: December 2007

Her cell phone rang,
As we sat in the airport of L.A.
She answered, happily, hearing the voice of her mom,
Her mom on the other hand didn't feel the same way.

I sat and I waited,
As the smile on her face faded away.
I felt a feeling of sorrow,
As she told me what happened that day.

A beloved friend,
Lying unconscious on a hospital bed.
I cried and she cried,
Not one word was said.

We had two planes to go,
Until we got back to Orlando.
Would he be okay?
Not one person did know.

We arrived in Atlanta,
Just a few hours after.
She turned on her phone,
And I just had to ask her.

"Do you have any messages?"
She nodded her head.
The message was from her mom,
"He's not doing well," she said.

Again, we just cried,
Time until our last flight went by too slow,
"Would he be okay?"
Still, no one did know.

It was finally time,
To get on the plane.
We were happy to go home,
But in our hearts there was a lot of pain.

About an hour later,
The plane landed on the runway.
We were finally home,
The thoughts were still in our minds about what happened that day.

Phoebe called her mom,
To tell her that we had made it all the way,
Then she asked the question,
"Is he going to be okay?"

We felt in our hearts,
That he was going to be fine.
I guess that God,
Had a different plan in mind.

The pain in my heart,
That I felt when I found out.
Was the strongest that I had felt in a long time,
Without a doubt.

He will always be remembered,
As a father, husband, friend and son.
I guess you could say,
That a new life for him has begun.

Though we think it's the worst,
He's in a better place now.
And we will all see him again,
Some way and some how.

He will never be forgotten,
We all loved him dearly.
That day will be in the memory,
Of all of us yearly.

God had a bigger plan for him,
Than any of us knew.
He was such a good guy,
That God needed him soon.

God, you're very lucky,
To have Mr. Shawn.
All of us down here know,
That he won't do you wrong.

He will make you laugh until you cry,
He will be helpful to you.
He will be there for you no matter what,
Every part of that is true.

I really do believe,
That he will be at every single softball game.
Cheering for his team,
And laughing just the same.

He will watch over all of us,
His family and his friends.
He was such a loving man,
And we know that will never end.

It is tragic what happened,
And it all happened very fast.
But remember all the times you had with him,
Trust me, they won't be the last.

We will all meet again someday,
To have fun with one another.
Family and friends together again.
Laughing and joking with each other.

I think I speak for everyone,
When I say that we love you Mr. Shawn.
You will forever be in our hearts,
Your memory will never be gone.



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