Abandonment Poem

Poem About Father Wishing Things Were Different

A father letting his child know that he never did abandon his children and he never wanted things to turn out the way that they did.

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She Took You Away


Published: February 2006

Sweet child of mine
you will never know the
love I have for you
you will never know the
joy that washed over me
at your birth - the happiest man on earth.
you will never know the
father I longed to be.
sweet child of mine
I watched you grow from one to ten.
you were my world - my blessing
from God - I was proud to
be your father.
never did I want you to go
your mother won your heart.
she had been gone for a long time
and you needed her so.
sweet child of mine
I never let go - I believed
we would find each other again.
never dreamed you would blame me.
I guess I let you down somewhere
along the line, I am sorry
I never meant to hurt you
I have never stopped missing you.
never stopped loving you
my sweet child.


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