Mourning Poem

Sister-In-Law Guardian Angel

I wrote this poem for my sister-in-law who passed away and my nephew who is growing up so fast.

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Guardian Angel


Published: January 2009

I close my eyes
I shut them tight,
In hopes that when I open them
you'll be here to tell me
that everything's OK
to tell me that
sisters stay together forever
no matter what.

I know you're here
because every time I look into
that little boy's eyes
I can see a part of you

I know he's going to be
an amazing child
because he has so many people
that love him
most importantly he has you.

He will have you as his mom
to protect him from heaven,
to watch him grow up,
to catch him when he falls
and to wipe his tears away.

He may not know it
but you'll always be there
because you're his guardian angel.



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