Depression Poem by Teens

Reaching Out To Hurting People

I just made this up. It never happened to me, but I know people who've experienced it. I want to tell you that life is hard, but talk to a friend or adult about it. Don't go through life's battles alone.

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Stop Cutting, Please


Published: September 2016

She sits alone all during class.
She tries to hide the pain she has.
All up her arm are scars that bleed.
She hides them underneath her sleeves.
I do not know her, but I will not be shy.

I go up to her and wave and say hi.
Under her whispered voice she answers me.
I ask her why she wears that frown. 
She looks at me and then looks down.
As I stare, her lips start to move, saying these words,
"I feel like a ghost to everyone here."
Her eyes fill with tears.
She continues telling about her family.
She says her parents fight constantly.
She says she has not slept in weeks.
After that, she tells me why.
I tell her, "You don't need to cry.
I will always be by your side.
I will help you get through,"
And she slowly smiles and says,
"We are...friends."


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