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Story Of Your Birth and Your Father Poem

A mother explains to her son the story of his birth and his father that he does not remember.

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A Story For Kaleb


Published: February 2006

At one time in this, a crazy world,
A lost sad boy found a lost lonely girl.
At first they came together, just to have a friend,
That is the way that this story did begin.
They stayed together just long enough,
To do something very important even though it was tough.
Together they had to fulfill one of Gods great plans,
And with God's help they made a little man.
The little man was growing inside his mama's tummy,
And she was so excited because she would be a mommy.
But for the lost boy and the lost girl, their time came to an end.
They couldn't hold it together, but they tried to still be friends.
They were still both very lost,
They couldn't find their way and they didn't know the cost.
So the boy went away to be with others for awhile,
And the girl, she had her baby and she loved his brilliant smile.
The girl would often look at her precious little man,
She'd see his big blue eyes and then she'd understand.
A part of the boy was always still with her,
And everything else, just faded to a blur.
Then, as the little man grew and changed a little every day,
Oh, how he warmed his mother's lost heart, a warmth that would never go away.
The girl began thinking of the lost boy, who helped her have this awesome gift of love,
And she wanted him to feel the warmth, and wear it like a glove.
So she tried to reach the boy when she heard he was back in town,
She told him of his son, and asked him if he'd like to come around.
So the boy, he came, and he saw the amazing little man.
And when he looked into his face, the lost boy did finally understand.
He felt the warmth too, from the unique little man,
He knew that there was a special connection, that the two of them did understand.
So for a short time, they played and they laughed and they shared a rare love,
A love that you will only ever know, if you're blessed from up above.
During this brief time, a couple of pictures they did take.
Never ever knowing what a difference the pictures would make



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