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Struggle Between The Sexes

My name is Sarah, I'm 22 and I'm Lebanese. This is one of my favorite poems that I've written. It's not my best, but I love it. I wrote it one cold winter's eve for a creative writing class. I hope you enjoy it.

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Published: March 2010

Yes, please do
It seems this will never end
This struggle between the two
Yes I am WOMAN and you are man
You the better version of our species
I am cursed
Because I plucked the apple?
or maybe because I have a heart
See when I came out of your
I took your heart too
with it, your brain as well
And you see
now I have the two

Without me
you cannot live
because I am the tool
You see
along with your heart and your mind
I took your child too
and your blood runs through me
but you have nothing of me
in you
You walk around with a couple of spheres
and carry your seed
but what is your seed without me?
an apple tree?
Even that it couldn't
possibly be!
I am WOMAN and you are man
you the privileged specie


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