School Poem

when studying we always think it is a burden but don't think about the benefits of studying. this poem is all about students life and their joys. I contribute this poem to all those kids who undergo pressure from their parents to get good marks

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Students Life


Published: October 2008

Students life is full of fun
work and play.
their day begins with a prayer
And, ends with play.

They go to school with a heavy bag on their back,
And water bottles in their hand.
They sit in the class and toil all day,
And learn about millipedes that coil all day.

In school they make many friends,
And learn many trends.
They even learn values
of love and life.

They study all day
And are bright like the sunray
They can even swim
Like the fish on sea-bay.

Studies develop brainpower,
Sports develop willpower.
They can do both
Without any pain!

They use pens,
They use papers.
They can draw many things
And make many colorful rings.

But when march month comes,
They study all day
They work for appreciation
And sacrifice lot of recreation.

East or west
Students life is the best,
they can start their day with a prayer
And end with lots of play!



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