STOP Suicide Poem

My Cousin who had been living with my family for some time had been in a messy relationship. His girlfriend started making his life hell, but I do not know the rest of the reasons for him committing suicide. I took my sheer anger, depression and everything else I felt out into this poem, I hope you enjoy it.

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Suicide Of My Cousin


Published: February 2009

Yesterday last year, you were right here,
And yet now you feel so far away,
Your rotting underground but your face is in my head,
I don't understand it because you're meant to be dead.

I don't get why you did what you did,
But who am I to judge,
You had you're reasons and I didn't own your life,
But I wish you had thought of us.

Now I'm remembering it's getting harder to forget,
Getting my home to see my Mum's face all wet,
I ask myself questions that burn in my head,
I need safety, comfort, so I go under my bed.

The dull pain of grief throbs stronger every time,
I can't understand and I'm sure I never will,
I don't want to miss you you've committed a crime,
Because now when I think of you all I feel is a chill.

There's an empty space where you're meant to be,
There's a space in the puzzle that only you can fit,
I don't understand why you did what you did,
But the day you did it I stopped being a kid.

By Luke Kulukundis aged 13



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