STOP Teen Suicide Poem

Fourteen And Struggling With Depression

I'm 14 and I have struggled with depression, thoughts of suicide, and self harm. Also one of my friends killed herself recently and that made me even more depressed, and so this poem helped let my feelings out. :}

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Don't let yourself do this. Please don't kill yourself.

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Published: July 2011

I lay in my bed after a long day of hate.
I sit there and cry while trying to debate.
There is not a lot I can say,
But things just don't go my way.
I cry until I have made up my mind.
So I get up and walk forward, not looking behind.
I grab my gun hidden under my bed.
Wishing I wouldn't have left all my feelings unsaid.
I hold the gun to my head.'s my chance...
I wrap my finger around the trigger.
...just one more glance...
I pull the trigger as hard as I can.
Not worrying about my previous plan.
The bullet rushes through my temple into my brain.
I fall to the floor with such pain.
And now I'm done with this silly game.
All my worries are gone and so am I.
If I could give advice to someone...anyone,
It would be:
Please don't let yourself die.



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  • Black Widdow by Black Widdow, manchester
  • 2 years ago

Don't let yourself do this. Please don't kill yourself.

  • Kaitlyn Grace Downing by Kaitlyn Grace Downing
  • 4 years ago

I'm only 12 and I have anxiety and get super light-headed sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for the "stupid" reasons....... I have had thoughts of suicide for the last 2 years......depression sucks I still shed tears.

  • Kiana Baker by Kiana Baker
  • 7 years ago

Hi thanks for writing this poem. I'm sorry you feel this way and about your friend. But you probably don't want my pity and I'm not going to give it to you.. I think about suicide allllllll the time. how would I do it? what would I say in the note? would I even write a note?...I have everything planned all I need is to do it. But there's something keeping me here. I don't know what it is but I just can't bring myself to swallow the pills.... and I'm so scared that one day that thing that bearly keeps me here will give up and let me slip.

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