Abuse Poem

Suicide Because Of Abuse

One girl commits suicide because of the abuse her father afflicted on her.

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All Because Of Him


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

She sits at home scared to death
She wonders "am I ever going to get through this"
He's yelling at her
What did she do?
She's got scars all over her body
Blood stains in her clothes
She's on the floor in pain
He almost beat her to death again
She's been through this many times before
And she hides it from her friends
They don't know what happens behind the closed doors
There's nothing she can do
But to sit there and let it happen
Is there anyone that can save her?
Anyone that can help her
She comes home from school
He waits for her by the door   
She walks in and sees mom isn't home
She knows she's going to get hurt
She tries to turn and run out the door
But he grabs her arm and pulls her right back in
He slaps her across the face
Throws her on the ground
And tells her to get up
She starts crying and he sees
He tells her to stop being a baby and slams her into the door
She's afraid for her life
She might not live this time
He sees she's scared
Tells her to go into the kitchen
She decides to fight back
And he doesn't like it
He starts cussing her out and hits her again
She gets back up and throws a chair at him
She hears a car pulling up
He gets nervous and tells her to go to her room
She runs outside
Mom tries to stop her but can't
She runs off down the trail
And doesn't come back for days
She's found a week later dead in the woods
Holding a gun
And it was all because of him

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