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Suicide Regret

I wrote this poem after I overdosed because my friend was really scared and hurt by what I did. I o.d.ed on the most powerful antioxidant and I wasn't thinking. I could have died that night! My friend text-ed me until 2 AM talking to me. I might have figured killing myself will make the pain go away, but it won't! And your friends will have pain the moment you kill yourself. I care enough about my friend that I promised never to put her through that again. I hope you promise that as well ɛ

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I am 14 years old. I was 12 when I started cutting till this day. I can say that I stopped and I've even reached out to get help, but one day in late February I tried to kill myself with an...

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What Have I Done?


Published: September 2011

I lay on the floor,
She walks through the door.
What have I done?

My best friend is screaming and crying,
Cause in reality I'm dying.
What have I done??

My best friend is really shattered,
I think my life actually mattered.
What have I done?!

It was an accident, I didn't mean to!
I wanna go back, think it through!
What have I done!!?

But she can't hear me.
All I can see, is her misery.
What have I done?.

I got my suffering to go away,
As I did, my best friends pain started today.
What have I done?...


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  • Denae Reese Jones by Denae Reese Jones
  • 1 year ago

I am 14 years old. I was 12 when I started cutting till this day. I can say that I stopped and I've even reached out to get help, but one day in late February I tried to kill myself with an overdose. Luckily, I told my best friend that I was going to do it and when I did they sent help. I was glad. I honestly wasn't ready to die yet. Taking your life away is the worst thing to do. It affects everyone around you, and you might think your life doesn't matter, but trust me it does, and it took me a really long time to believe that. You are here for a reason. You just have to find that reason because once you're gone you're gone. I hope y'all feel better from reading this and that it makes you think about your choices or how you feel.

  • Hannah by Hannah, San Antonio Tx
  • 7 years ago

I've overdosed 6 times. Over being abused and getting raped. Watching my mom, brother, sister, and best friend die. I couldn't take it. I cut everyday. I've been to a mental institution. I've been to jail. I gave up along time ago. I don't know why I'm still living. I've overdosed, stabbed myself, and almost drank bleach and almost shot myself but somehow I'm alive.

  • Ratilwe by Ratilwe
  • 3 years ago

Sorry for the pain you went through. I also once felt the world didn't need me anymore, so I started cutting and attempted suicide, but God loved me too much to let me go. What I want to tell you all is that God loves you and you are loved and honored by many.

  • Tori Quartey by Tori Quartey
  • 3 years ago

The end is not here. Live! You have a purpose. God lives, and he loves you. Keep fighting. The light at the end of your tunnel is coming. It is here.

  • Emosly (Tysondowe) by Emosly (Tysondowe)
  • 8 years ago

This is good. I liked it in every way. I had tried to commit suicide a couple of times before. The second last time I was on my last breath when my grandfather entered the room and saved me. Till this day he can't look at me and will not enter my room anymore and that hurts. The last time my mother called the cops because I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out the gun and nearly shot myself now she thinks I'm crazy. If I'd remembered to load the gun I would have died but I didn't and I regret it but I now have a reason to live and for that I'm grateful.

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