Abuse Poem

Someone told me the other day that a good way of facing the past and letting go is to write down how you feel and the things you would like to say. Even if you never send it.
Maybe one day I will.

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Take A Walk With Me


Published: May 2008

When you close your eyes, tell me what do you see?
Come hold my hand and take a walk with me
Down a long dark corridor, with doors shut tight
I will open them up, just for you tonight

Let's open up the door marked number one
Take a peek inside, please try not to run
The demons screech out, yelling one by one
Come in here, come join in the fun

Sex and porn, a room full of abuse
But don't shout out, because it's no use
No-one will come when you scream
Just lie there quietly; it's all a bad dream

Door number two is full of jokes
Aimed at a girl, whose tears do choke
She tries so hard to please and be accepted
Yet is made to feel worthless and feels rejected

Now is this safe? Door number three
There's another young girl, who looks just like me
She has her own demons and pain to bear
Yet deep down inside, I know she does care

Door number four, how bad can this be?
Should have been a life that was so free
And yet more demons they do appear
Go away little girl, you are not welcome here

Door number five is the drunk she has faced
Door number six is still firmly shut and braced
Number seven is dark and I can't see
No tale to tell, not yet for me

Let's close all the doors now and turn and leave
I've seen the demons and felt them breathe
But here they all are now, alive and real
Maybe its time to tell them exactly how I feel

Deep down I am hurting and I am not strong
What you all did to me was totally wrong
I put on a front to hide my pain
But now I am tired of playing this game

There are so many things I do want to say
And this says a lot, in my own little way
But what's the point, for it won't change the past
Only for this little girl, it is the last

So I take her hand and lead her away
To a better future, out of harms way
She is an adult now, with a future ahead

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