Baby Death Poem

Death Of Baby Nephew

On December 23, 2012 I lost my 23 month old nephew due to a house fire. It was my worst nightmare come true. Almost 7 months later I still cry; it was such a tragedy. He was my life and the biggest goofball around, but he was so smart and caring. I miss him every day. Love you baby boy!

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Beautiful poem. I can tell that it came from your heart.

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Tata Loves Her Angel


Published: October 2014

A little pink plus sign on a tiny white stick
That's how your momma found out she wasn't just sick
She was scared but happy, nervous but excited
No one knew what to expect the day we met you

On a snowy winter day, January 21, 2011
You were born, a little baby boy sent to us all the way from heaven
You were named Gregory Paul Prince Jr, a little miracle you could say
No matter what he'd always make your day

You grew up way too fast
Before we knew it, it was your first birthday, a whole year had passed
You began to walk, talk, laugh and smile. You became the smartest boy I knew
Your momma always teaching you new tricks to do

No matter what you said or did, one look at that cute face
And you were off the hook. No one could ever stay mad at you
Rarely ever did you fuss or cry
You just ran with your motorcycle in hand shouting braaaap all over the place

You learned how to say Tata; it was so special to me
No matter how much they made fun of it
I didn't care because you knew my name
And called me it constantly

Seeing your little smile, even if it was just one look
And even the coldest heart would be warmed. Just one look ,that's all it took
No matter if you were young or old, short or tall
He'd love you with no problem at all

I never imagined what life would be without you here
So why did life have to play out this way?
Early morning of December 23, 2012 we lost you
A deadly house fire that took the lives of two

Tears fell from my eyes when I hear the news 23 months old you weren't even two
Christmas wasn't the same; we all had the same question on our minds, why did it have to be you?
But even though we want you back, it's a tragedy we must face
But no one will ever take your place

The day has come, snowflakes fall from the sky
Why must I have to tell you goodbye?
So many people waiting to see you in your casket, the spot where you lay
Tears stream down their faces as they kneel in front of you and pray

I hold my breath as I walk to see you
When I see your face my heart stops beating
You look so peaceful just like you were sleeping
But you can't be woken; heaven is now the place where you must stay

As I stop at your casket and pray
Down on my knees I ask for help
I don't know what to do without you here
We have all missed you so much since the day you went away

I know I must be strong, not for me but for everyone else
Without you here none of us know what to do
You were taken from our lives way too fast
Come back please, Bug we miss you

You were our little miracle, but now you are our angel in the sky watching over each one of us
This isn't goodbye forever, just for now, but we will always be wishing for you to come back, to see your smiling face one last time
Remember I love you, for forever and a day and nothing will ever change that


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  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 6 years ago

Beautiful poem. I can tell that it came from your heart.

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