Mother Child Poem

Poem About Not Getting Along With Mom

A teenage girl shares some thoughts about her relationship with her mother. They are in a constant state of argument. Why can they no longer live in harmony?

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A Teenage Strife


Published: February 2006

My mother and I don't get along.
We share no common song.

She doesn't understand
I no longer want to hold her hand.

She doesn't know me well.
This it's not hard to tell.

I stare at her disheartened,
Asking myself how we got this partnered.

Why I no longer hug my mother
And would rather tuck myself under the covers.

Everything she does is bothersome to me.
Why can't she just leave me be?

The end I hope is near,
For this altercation is far from dear.

The explanation, my guess, is a teen girl,
Trying to grow up in a not so civil world.

I want to love my mom.
I need to share a common song.


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