Poem about Teens

Teenagers Aren't All Gangsters

I wrote this poem as a sort of protest against the way people perceive teenagers in the 21st century. They often seem to assume that because you grew up in a "rough" area, that you are a bad person, and that anyone in a group of more than 2 is a gang. I wrote this as a way of telling people that kids these days do want to do more with their lives and many kids don't get the chance. People need to treat teenagers more openly, they will learn a lot about themselves and other people.

There is also a part in here about how people judged me because of my origin and family.

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Not All Gangsta's


Published: June 2008

They think that because I'm from
a ruff town or city
An they'm from summat different,
summat nicer, they can judge me

Cos I spend ma weekends with m8s
they hold it against ya
make you out to luk like some
G UNIT gangsta

Like I haven't already got
enuff points to prove
keepin outta trouble so my rents
wont think bout needin to move

to a nicer place with no more
shootinz and knives
they try so fxin hard to give
us kidz beta lives

but this is what we want, where we from
and how we'll stay
the streetz of wolvo
I wouldnt av it any other way

then people ask bout ma family
I got nuffin to hide
because we may be poor in money
but we're richer in pride

and family is all it comes down to
they're the ones who trecked here for us
from mayo and limerick

but back to the point
it's them kids who just diss me
because I'm from where I'm from they'm sayin
yamyam and paddy

but it's jus name callin
it dnt really offend me
because I know all I need to know
my family loved me

there aint no gang
or hooligan fighters
we're just a few kids having fun
bein jokers

so judge me on my appearance
if you really want to
dnt get to know me
assume what you will assume

the scarf round my face
and the people I'm wiv
tell me I should go home
and re-learn how to live
my life

or you can do the right thing
and you can just get to know
what it's like for teenage kids these days
having to grow

with the drugs and the guns
and the pessimists thinkin
kids just want to waste their lives in jail
for a shankin



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