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Poem About A Changing Family

Life is full of hardships, but it's full of good stuff too.

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Than The Days Will Ever Know


Published: February 2006

Playing on the Grammar School lot,
In a uniform I'd rather not.
One of 'The Boys in High School'
Yeah, pretty tough and sometimes cruel.

Then one day, love chose me
Through a girl, a last dance;
I knew
My wife she'd be.

We worked, we loved, and grew up together;
Raising three children through all life's weather.
Traveled the country 'cause of my job,
Left family and home, late at night we'd silently sob.

One child left the nest to wed; now there are two
So many changes, life hurls us through.
With love we rejoice, yet we're doomed to suffer equal loss,
So enjoy the day and those you love, at any and all costs.

For there's one thing in life I'm certain,
As sure as the wind's gonna blow,
Make each and every day count because
The years teach more than the days will ever know.


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