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Thank You Aunt Poem

I never tell anyone how I feel about them, and this is my way of letting everything loose and telling people how I feel about them.

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Thank You

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Published: July 2012

I'm sitting here in your living room,
Listening to your stories about your experiences,
Just from listening to those stories about the boat and the water I know...
You're protective, you would do anything to save a life of a loved one.
You're smart, just like you were when you saved Kenny from those rocks.
Not only are you strong physically but mentally too.
You don't let things get to you like everyone else.
You're loving, even though we get attitudinal sometimes, you still love us.
You don't always get treated right: it breaks my heart to see that.
You don't deserve it, you did nothing wrong.
Absolutely nothing.
You're passionate, you feel for people you never talked to in your life.
You're a great mother, aunt, sister, wife, friend, daughter, everything you could possibly imagine.
You're trustworthy, even though we fight sometimes.
Even though we're not as close as I'd like, I know I can come to you with anything.
You're the kind of person I'd give my life up for.
I'm sitting here in your living room,
Listening to your stories, I look at you.
And I become lost for words.
Nothing can describe how beautiful you are... Inside and out.
It is unbelievable that someone of your beauty and high-quality is related to me...unbelievable.
You make me feel like I'm somebody, I matter to somebody, and somebody loves me.
You never let me forget that you love me.


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