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I really hope people enjoyed this poem. Being a single mother is very difficult for me because I am the first single mother in my family. I became pregnant at age 17 and became a single mother at 19. I have fought against everyone, including my family, friends, school counselors, supervisors and other people telling me that I can't. But the one thing I can't fight is fear. Fear that my reason of living will hate me some day. I just want her to know that I love her and want her to understand. I love you baby.

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Thank You For You And Me


Published: August 2011

To you my daughter I am eternally grateful. For you have provided me with the desire and thrive to move forward day by day for you and me.

You make me want to fight for the best in both of us. You make me go out to seek a better life in the cold of December or the warmth of May for you and me.

For you I go to bed at 3 in the morning and wake up at 7 o'clock with a smile on my face and walk around this city with pride in my soul because of you and me.

Pride to know that I can do this alone for you and me. Pride to show everyone that the only thing I need is you and me. To know that I am here for you and me.

You make me a better person, a better mother, a better daughter, a better sister, a better grand-daughter, a better niece, a better aunt, a better cousin, a better student, and better worker, but most importantly a best friend for you and me.

You have chosen me to give you a warm bed at night and because I needed you and you saw that, but also because I am a strong woman for you and me.

You my child saw that I was losing myself to the hands of people. People who wanted to see me with no future, no job, no career, no life. I have proven them wrong for you and me.

To all who thought that because I was a Chicana I would do nothing with my life but end up pregnant and at home, I will proudly say that now I am a student at UC Berkeley for you and me.

To everyone who assumed that if they pushed me down I would continue to fall, but instead I have climbed back up and passed them down for you and me.

Every bruise and every cut that has given me pain in life has also given me strength and I thank this life for you and me.

I know that this strength will give me the answers that you seek tomorrow when you ask about you and I in life, about your father, about the "why?" and I will tell you it was for the best of you and me.

For everyday that you put a smile on my face, for every day you put hope in my heart, and for every day you put desire in my life I am grateful.

For you my child, have given me all this and more and I thank life for YOU AND ME.


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