Mother's Day Poem

Thank You Very Much

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful mother - god-fearing, loving, understanding, strong-willed, caring - the best mother. This message is for my mother, MS. DELIA S. TRINIDAD, and all the mothers out there who sacrifice a lot to make the best child in the world. Inang, this message expresses all the things that I want to say. Thank you very much and I love you so much inang....

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My Wonderful Inang

© more by Hydz Trinidad

Published: May 2009

A word that best describes a wonderful woman I know
An endearment that defines unconditional love.
My wonderful mother.

I still remember when I was just a little child
You tried your best to provide the things I need
You showed me all the things that I should know
You taught me how to appreciate the things in life
You taught me how to become a good daughter
You showered me all the love and caring you can offer
Best of all, you let me see the true meaning of life.

I can still remember the sacrifices you did for me
The things I did not expect you to do
Just to provide me a bright future
How could I ever forget the times you sacrifice a lot of your life
Just to give me the best of everything?
How can I ever forget the words of wisdom you gave to me
Words that kept me going despite the trials and difficulties in life?
Who can ever equate the long, sleepless nights you spent working
Just to give me something that will sustain my education?

Through the years, you are always there for me
Everytime I need you
You are at my side before I called out your name
Everytime I am in pain
You are there to hug me before I ask you to
Everytime I have problems
You are there, ready to lean on
Even before I speak and say my worries
Everytime I am not in the mood
You are there to cheer me up and ready to put a smile in my face
Everytime I am sick
You are there ready to make me comfortable
You always let me feel your love and undying care.
You are always there to understand me even if
You don't understand me at all.
You always give me all the things you have
And it does not matter to you if there is nothing left for you.
Everytime I argue with you and cause you pain
Everytime I hurt you in many ways
You are still there, standing in front of me
Offering a comfortable and forgiving hug
You made me learn that your heart is like a great abyss
Full of forgiveness and understanding.

Now that I have grown up
I always ask "Inang, do I make you proud?"
I hope that in my own little way, I do make you proud of me
I hope that your dreams had come true everytime you look at me
I hope that I am worth of your sacrifices
I hope I can give back to you and be a perfect daughter
I hope I made you happy for what I am and for who I am now
Because I owe everything to you
I am nothing without you Inang.

Now, thank you very much Inang
For all the things you have done for me
The sacrifices you have been through because of me
I can never repay you
The unconditional love and undying support you have for me
It feels so great and blessed to have a mother like you
Again, thank you very much.
I love you, Inang.


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