Abuse Poem

Can't believe I found this. When I read this today, I could not help but cry all over again. It's like I just relived the whole thing again. I really hope that by me posting this, perhaps it may help another person who is going through something similar. And maybe, just maybe, I can let it go totally by making it public.

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The Arms That Hold Him


Published: July 2011

As the blood ran down her face,
she realized this is not the way
that love is supposed to taste.

If victory is sweet,
she pronounced herself the bitter loser.
Time for this fight to end and retreat.

With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,
she wiped the blood from her mouth
and the tears from her eyes.

If he was going to kill her this time,
she was prepared
because her soul had already died.

Gathering her strength,
she pushed off the floor
and slowly struggled to her feet.

She held on to her last bit of pride
as her knuckles turned white gripping the sink.
She looked up, he glared down, their eyes meet!

This time she did not flinch or look away from his eyes
when like so many times before,
she saw his arm raise from his side.

She rushed towards him with her arms open wide.
She held on to him with both arms
wrapped around tight.

She held on to him and he started to cry.
She knew that this was the night
that she died inside.

She surrendered to him and he won the fight.
Not every victory is sweet,
but two wrongs never make a right.

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