Abuse Poem

My teacher asked me to do a research paper on child abuse and then to write a poem about it. So this is my poem, and the story to millions of people who live around the world. Day after day they have to face the same things but know that if they stay strong they can make it through. I will never quite understand this topic like them but I can try to. That is what I have done here. I hope you like it.

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The Battle Rages On


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

I suffer day and night
To her twisted delight
10 years of my life
Since this man took a new wife
She pretends she doesn't know
Even though the bruises show
I suffer day and night

Night and day
Dad sits at bay
Watching as she walks my way
Whistling a happy tune
As I assume
My position in the corner of my room
Trying to hide
From her blow like the force of the tide
And that's when I wonder
As I blunder
Whose side Dad's on
Because night and day
He sits at bay
Watching her saunter my way

When I lose my pride
Then I will confide
But until then the fight goes on
I will not tell until hope is gone
I will wear a smile
For awhile
But when the light dims
That's when she wins
Sometimes I wish
That I were a fish
Or maybe a bird
Who's loud and heard
But that's when I remember
That I cannot render
Because my light
Still burns bright
But when it dies
Then I can cry
And let my sorrows
Fill my tomorrows

Night and day
Black and gray
I watch as he sits at bay
And as this woman walk my way
Whistling her song
As she comes along
But I will not hide
And I will not confide
Because I still have the power
To fight a few more hours
But when the light does go out
That's when I will shout
At this man who sat by
And let me slowly die
When all I needed was him
To finally help me win

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