Grief Poem

This poem describes the experience of losing a loved one. It is always a shock, even if you're expecting it. One minute the person's there and the next they're gone. This poem describes a child's first experience with death who thought that everything lives forever.

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The Death That Went Uncertain


Published: February 2006

You were here one moment
And then you were gone
I had no idea what was going on
I didn't know why
Everyone just stopped to cry
I couldn't think of what to say
When mom was in tears
I didn't understand
I thought everything lived forever
Until that one day
We drove late at night
To your house
I went in expecting to see you
You were not there
It was just Trudy
She was in tears
She said she heard your voice in her ears
I looked
In every nook
In every corner
In every crack
And then I realized you were not coming back
I wanted to cry I really did
But no tear came to my eye
At night I would dream we were together
We were fishing
It was a miracle because you were well
It felt so real
Like it was really happening
That's when I knew I would always be with you
Your spirit would look over us
You would keep us well
And everyone can tell
We love you very much
And hope to one day join you as well



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