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This is my first poem I have ever written, it sort of came about when my friend told me they were writing poems again so I read a few and that where I got some inspiration to express myself. The poem represents me to hopefully explain that I am never my true self, I am always the shell or the dragon and never both at the same time. This causes problems such as indifference to people suffering for some reason or another or false commitment to people.

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The Dragon Inside


Published: November 2008

I am but a shell
encasing a dragon
whose fangs yearn for blood

To bring hate, despair
justice and wisdom
for the dragon is my judge

Burning my soul
The dragon is very committed
Because of pain wrought
upon those I have wronged
and outwitted

Those who see me
do not see me
I am too truly bound

my hopes, fears and beliefs
keep me flightless
on the ground

If one day I do take flight
On I'll fly into the night

All shall be burnt black
To my left
And to my right

Until I am forced into my shell
I shall seduce you...
...With my eyes of hell



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