STOP Cutting Poem

Poem About Recovery From Cutting And Anorexia

This poem is basically following my experience with recovery from cutting/anorexia. It shows how dark you seem while you feel under this cloud of depression and how the world seems so happy without you. But you can get better. I have experienced it for myself. After 5 years of cutting and 1 year of anorexia I ended up in a mental hospital. Guys, don't let it get there. It can be so much better. You are worth SO much more. The girl is me and that could even be you. Either way, it does get better.

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The Girl, Her Story


Published: September 2013

Everyone hurries with smiles and laughs;
but the girl just passes so solemn.
One day after the other, the kids seem so happy;
but the girl just remains the same.
Parties, friends, make up and more;
but the girl just doesn't want to.

There is a world outside that lonely room;
but the girl was just stuck inside.
So many awards and achievements they all seem to get;
but the girl just stays there crying.
At the bottom they say, it can only go up;
but the girl just can't see that happen.

Too soon the world moves on without her;
but the girl is too afraid to join.
She sees them all enjoy life;
but the girl just watches with envy.
As time seems to pass the world seems lighter;
but the girl is just too timid.

They are all pushing her to try;
but the girl doesn't want to get better.
Society says what she's doing is wrong;
but the girl doesn't know what is right.
Only so much can be done until she finally crashes;
but the girl must just wait and see.

Once that time finally comes;
the girl is ready to fix it.
All the support is around her;
and the girl finally sees.
Her time to be happy is now;
and the girl is so much better.


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