Funny Life Poem

I wrote this poem at the age of Twelve... or was it Eleven? Anyways, those were 'deep' and emotional years for me, and I hope you like it... Peace.

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The Greatest Accessory Of Them All


Published: November 2009

People care to much.
How their hair looks
or their clothes.
They don't care about what matters
The soul

The soul is what truly matters
that thing that is deep inside.
The soul is always fashionable
no matter what the season is.

The soul is something that changes color a million times
from when you are born to when you die.
My soul is yellow today
because I'm happy inside.

On Thursday my soul was green
for I envied another girl.

The soul is by far the best accessory you can have.
And that's what they should write in the magazines.


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