Abuse Poem

Believe Me

This poem is the story of an abusive father. By the time his child grows up and tells her story, no one believes her. They only see the man on the outside and won't believe that he could have committed such horrible acts.

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The Long Lost Child


Published: February 2006

I used to hear a little voice that cried for help every night.
While her mother sat there watching every minute that had just happened.
Until the mother couldn't take it anymore and started doing her chores around the house
While that little voice kept crying and crying and crying till it fell asleep.
With eyes of bloodshot and cheeks of tear drops rolling down one after another.
Who would do such a terrible thing to such a nice caring person?
That little voice grew up and knew that what her father had done was wrong.
So the voice tried telling people what he did but no one believed the voice. They only knew him from the outside.
After that the voice soon withered away.

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