Friends I'm Sorry Poem

Humorous I'm Sorry Poem

The poem predicates on real time experiences and the author's immense sincerity of taking responsibility for a shattered friendship. The opening line illustrates an abrupt motion of attempting to salvage the friendship without any foreknowledge given to the recipient following a failed attempt one year prior. Lastly, one can notice the "sweet" gesture the author intends to give the recipient.

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The Merciers' Ode


Published: October 2017

Pardon my boldness, but I simply couldn't refrain
The thoughts of you surfacing like ferrets roaming the plains.
My previous attempt to reach out had gone hopelessly idle,
So I'm cherishing this last effort and pray for no denial.

I'm no poet and certainly didn't write this by hand
But aspired to convey my sentiment and hope you'd understand
That I miss your laughter, debates, discussions, tears,
Sarcasms, quirks, singing, and cheers.

There aren't enough words in this wretched state of destitution
To express how I miss my bestie in whom there is no substitution.
We're different people and won't always see eye to eye,
But we forge a great team like ice cream and American apple pie.

Please search the depths of your heart, that pulse of forgiveness,
For me being a jack-ass, a douche, pathetic, and hubris.
There is so much to share, time exudes insufferable nudges
Because life is too short to hold foolish grudges.

The contents within the box made of sugar, beans, and cream
Are for an exceptional friend where there's few and far between.


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