Rape Poem by Teens

This poem is about when I got raped by someone who I thought I could always trust. he was a really good friend and one night we were in his room doing drugs and he took advantage of me. I can no longer trust any guy and the person I am dating doesn't know about what happened cause I am too scarred to tell him. but now that I am sober I realized that what he did was wrong. It took a lot of thinking and a whole lot more therapy and mental help to get to where I am today

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The Monster That Ruined Me


Published: July 2013

Life became a blur,
  Getting caught where we were.
I never get sleep,
  And constantly find myself at weep.
can't get the monster out of my head,
  And he won't let me off my bed.
He keeps coming closer to me,
  I don't want him; can't he see?
That night is all I can think of,
  I wish I were somewhere up above.
Floating somewhere; being gone,
  That doesn't sound so wrong.
He hurt me; scared me deep,
  And his memories I have to keep.
Always turning to drugs,
  Being torn apart by his bugs.
Fading away into nothing,
  Only wishing I were something.
Who is it I blame,
  Help carry my shame?
Not him you see,
  But instead little ugly me!

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