Abuse Poem

This poem is about a girl who was sexually abused by a family member and although she is hurt she still lives on and aspires for better things.

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The Monster That Stole My Heart


Published: May 2008

The world is a new place for me
But why as soon as I entered
My life was stolen from me!
Like a thief in the night
The silence was broken by the
Break of glass
Don't have long to live
For the monster they
All speak of
Has taken me
Stripped me naked
Left me defenseless from the cold world.
My soul is bare,
Of what is to come;
The monster that haunts my dreams
At night.
Will he come?
Will I have to stay up from fright?
I pray for the day,
When I will no longer be scared
A day when all my wounds
Will be healed.
My Lord is the only one who will be
There when that day comes.
When I can go home
And dry my tears,
And look forward to
The sunny days
Starry nights.

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