Abuse Poem by Teens

Poem About Me Being Abused By My Dad

My dad abused me and my sister for over 3 years. When I would ask why, he would blame me and tell me that I was the one that made him mad. I didn't understand why. I would pray to God that it would end, and eventually it did. He would hit me and put me in the hospital 6 times. On the car ride to school we would make up a story on how I got the bruises. I would wear long sleeves in summer. I would pretend to be so happy so that no one would find out because I was scared of what would happen.

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The One That I Love


Published: February 2015

Slam, slam, slam.
The sound of my head against the floor.
Over and over, will there be an end?
I close my eyes tight,
Hold on for dear life.
Almost over.
Almost done.
I plead for an end,
He screams and yells
And beats me like hell.
Why me? Oh, poor me.
It's over, it's over.
I cry out in pain.
The one that I love has hurt me again.
I make an excuse,
A reason to blame.
I put on a smile
And act through the pain.
He tells me it's my fault,
But what did I do?
I pray it will end, that I will be free,
That the one that I love will quit hitting me.

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